How to build smooth collaboration with the software outsourcing companies

Outsourcing software development projects has become a very common occurrence, thanks to the fast evolving technology.

With time, a large number of enterprises are taking the decision to outsource their business requirements. In fact, website development, software development, apps development and various other types of requirements are being outsourced by businesses.

Therefore, if your company needs an improved website and if there is dearth of knowledge regarding the same in your company, you can think of outsourcing website development project.

There are various way on how to establish a smooth collaboration with the software outsourcing company.

Stay involved – Once you are done with the selection process of an outsource team, your work is not done. It is important for your in-house team to stay in touch with them in order to get constant feedback.
If co-location is not possible, you need to set up meetings with the outsourced service provider. Since it is your company and your requirement, the onus is ultimately on you. And staying involved is the only way to provide constant guidance on your business requirements. It is also an easy to way to acquire the basic knowledge of the subject you are getting help for.

Accept change – If you cannot accept change, it would be tough for your business to hold on to the position it is at present. It is likely that when you outsource your company’s project requirements, an off-shore outsourced service provider’s technique of work would be different than the ones in your locality. If you fear to accept this change, you may lose out on a lot. Although, it is obvious that it is hard to believe in a person, whom you haven’t come face to face with, outsourcing has become a common way to get the work done. Analyze the change you team you team have and adapt the changes if you find the suitable. It is good idea you discuss the changes before you adapt to them

Agreeing to an unalterable contract – Never make the mistake of signing a deal which is unalterable or unbreakable. It is always essential to check and analyze each and every clause of the contract, before signing a deal. In addition, set up a mutual termination clause like a week long trial period, after which anybody can terminate the deal if dissatisfied with the service provided. These is a good tip in establishing a smooth collaboration with your software outsourcing team since they will be working at their best to meet you need so as to avoid termination.

Know the outsourced service provider well before you hire them – One of the most important mistakes you need to avoid while choosing an outsource service provider is not collecting every possible detail regarding the company. Check the reviews, ask them for details about the clients they have worked with and so on. By doing this you will understand the reputation the company has in the industry hence get the best way to establish a smooth collaboration with your software outsourcing team. Choose a team which has friendly staffs.

Give a consideration to communication devices and techniques – Evaluating whether the outsourced CAD services provider has precise procedures and conventions for everyday interchanges, document sharing, inquiry determination and quality control is basic to a productive organization. Having virtual joint effort instruments set up demonstrates that the firm is accessible for ceaseless interfacing with your plan group. Likewise vital is the social and phonetic fit so that the seaward bolster group is prepared as well as mindful of the exchanges and resolutions at whatever point the need emerges. Specialized apparatuses, recurrence, modes and timing are extremely imperative components to consider. It is the basic correspondence culture of an accomplice and his representatives that will direct the adaptability of colleagues to talk about their issues straightforwardly and genuinely with your own in-house configuration groups. It is essential for instance those accomplices comprehend and react to your own particular culture with regards to correspondence. For instance, imparting potential defers at an opportune time in the process is not something that a few societies comprehend while others will just not be prepared to state “No” to a demand which is difficult to convey upon.


The accessibility of local contacts for an outsourcing accomplice is an essential thought – Although not generally conceivable, the accessibility of a local accomplice gives extra advantages, for example, a standard time zone, local contacts and local protection necessities being met if required. The local contact can likewise encourage the procedure of venture start up, continuous venture administration and general correspondence. The local contact essential in establishing a smooth collaboration with the software outsourcing company.

How to build offshore software development company in Vietnam

AAreas Interactive Inc. In Canada is the good real estate product company, let’s show how they work with their software outsourcing vendors:

Saigon Technology is the leading offshore software development company in Vietnam that I have worked with since 2008.

They have delivered a high quality offshore software development team for Aareas interactive Inc. In Canada with 15 net offshore developers in Vietnam.

Saigon Technology Solutions is the leading Vietnam-based software development outsourcing company, established in 2010 and located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City.
Their mission is to deliver the best and most cost-effective software solutions to our customers in areas such as e-finance, e-business, healthcare, and media.
Building upon or proven domain and technological expertise, we deliver a wide range of software development outsourcing services, very focus on the following:

They are really good, you should try to work with them to see how good they are!

Some additional points to keep in mind:

Time and Cost estimation – If a service provider gives you a price and timeframe for the project but does not include a detailed estimate of the time and costs required for the individual tasks, such a company might not meet deadlines or deliver high-quality software solutions.

Development should always include testing – In some cases, testing and bug fixing make up 50 percent of the entire project implementation period. An experienced and professional company knows that extensive testing is absolutely vital in the development of complex projects and puts the necessary QA measures in place.

Check the company’s portfolio – I highly recommend finding a company that has already developed projects similar to the one you are looking to outsource. The company that best suits your needs is likely to be one that works in the industrial specialization you are seeking for your project.

Do not make the lowest price your priority – Please keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If a company offers a low price, it may be because they are using junior developers rather than senior or mid-level developers.

Communication – Even for people speaking the same language, misunderstandings are a fact of life. The risk of misunderstandings increases exponentially when different languages and cultures, and therefore also different preferences and styles of communication, are involved. Simply having English-speaking contacts at your new Offshore Development Center is not enough. The company should have a system in place that fosters communication by means of the appropriate software, such as issue tracking systems, conference call scheduling, Skype chats, etc. Professional companies tend to be very experienced in setting up effective communication measures.

Source code security and intellectual property protection – This maybe the most important factor of all. When a company plans to outsource its software development and the software to be developed will be based on existing source code, it is essential that this source code as well as any information about clients remains confidential. For this reason, I do not recommend working with freelance developers if confidential information is involved since these developers cannot ensure serious protection of intellectual property.

The thought of outsourcing software development to an offshore development company may be daunting. Following the above mentioned advice will help you find an offshore software development company that could be a reliable business partner for many years to come. Remember not rush into a business relationship with a new partner.

List of unreliable software outsourcing buyers

During last 10 years working with 50 software outsourcing companies, we have collected 5 bad software outsourcing buyers that your outsourcing company need to avoid:


Customer Community Pty., an Australian web interactive company, other name is Interactive Pty., owned by David, who hired a software outsourcing company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam but stole there 5 of their employees after 6 months working with them. Extremely bad ethic in business.

Too sleepy, I will add more bad buyers this weekend. Good night all.